The Story

Frances Perkins
Frances Perkins, half-length portrait, facing front, signing document. Photograph,Library of Congress.

Steadfast is the story of brilliant reformer and public servant Frances Perkins – the brains behind Social Security, and the first female Cabinet member in U.S. history.

Set around 1911, before women had the vote, Miss Frances Perkins wants to end child labor and improve factory safety. She evolves from a young social worker to a skilled and effective advocate for the working poor.  A societal tragedy of epic proportions cements her resolve to change things.  She confronts sexism (before it had a name), corruption and intentional sabotage by those who could help – but won’t.

How can she succeed?

Featuring melodies from the era, new original songs and a fun script, Steadfast is a refreshing work-in-progress you won’t want to miss! (Brief after-show for those interested.)



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