From Chris Anderson (Playwright/Songwriter):

I became fascinated with Frances Perkins … once I heard about her!

How could Miss Perkins have NOT been mentioned AT ALL during my public or higher education experiences? What a remarkable, brilliant and dedicated human being she was!

Several years ago I was asked to write a play about Miss Perkins, after mentioning that I’d love to see a show about her.  My first version of what is now Steadfast was presented as a staged reading with music for Women’s History Month. This show has been through numerous names and rewrites since that time – now it is finally something I like and want to see!

I’ve read books, reports, sermons and news articles about Frances Perkins, and have enjoyed listening to the music that was popular during her lifetime. I traveled to the New York State Capitol building in Albany to get a feel for the world Miss Perkins worked in prior to her stint as the Secretary of Labor during the FDR years. I have marveled at her accomplishments under extreme duress, and wondered she could have done it.  Steadfast is my attempt to answer to my own question – how did she do it?

Chris Anderson


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